Top Hacks You Could Use On Any Vending Machine

While these machines are a wonderful form of earning profits, us regulars have found ways of cheating out of the rules of it. That doesn’t mean you’ve got rob them off their sales, though. But here are some hacks you could use on them.

Get the change and the dollar

This is definitely one of the most mischievous tricks you could ever pull. All you need is some money and packing tape. Paste one end of the packing tape on the money and put in to the slit where you’ve got to insert the money in to, in any healthy vending machines in Melbourne. Once the machine recognizes the amount you’ve inserted, pull it out and voila you’ve got yourself a free drink! If you are feeling extra devious you could also hit the change button as well!

Free change

You could probably use this only on an old Coke machine, more or less. If you are running out of spare change and feeling a little too devious (although you shouldn’t), you could simply punch in 432112311 code and press the change button. And down comes the change raining down from the top without much effort at all!

Trick the machine

You might need a penny and some tin foil for this trick. You would also have to aim at a rather old machine that probably needs vending machine repairs. All you need to do here is take that coin and wrap it in layers of tin foil. The thicker it gets the more valuable the machine recognizes it to be. Then put it in the coin slot and watch the machine send down your drink for a much lower price!

Trick or treat

This too is another trick that could only work on some machines and those that are fairly old as well. All you need to do is, hold on to the door at the bottom of the machine when it sends down your product. And this would confuse the machine, even though your product has already been sent down, it might recognize it as not being sent, and once you push the buttons in again you get another product for no extra cost at all! Free drink in Nesqiuk If the machine you are at is a coin operated one, and if you are in need of a cool and energizing drink, press in the code 44455544455. And voila you’ll get your free drink along with the normal one you paid for.

While these tricks might be cool and all. Don’t try to always cheat your way through. After all it isn’t exactly the nicest thing to do. But hey, you could still try it out though!