Solution For Too Much Sunlight Flooding The Home

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There are times when the sun is like giving out too much of its light and heat to the earth and homes with glasses on it doubles that heat. It also glares nearly blinding the people from the light. This discomfort can be alleviated by putting some solar films on the glass windows and doors in the house.

Home tinting gives the home a more comfortable place to stay even with the sun glaring it. It reduces the heat and the light coming from outside. Furniture and floors can actually fade its color from having exposed to sunlight for extended times. Putting solar films alleviate this problem.  

Tools needed

Home tinting can be considered big work for people who are busy and people who know nothing about being a do it yourselfer. But there are people who would want to do things on their own. There are kits that can be bought to put tint on the windows and doors of the house. Even skylines can be tinted. There are kits that provide all the things that are needed to install the film from the rag to the craft knife to the solution that is needed to help the installation easier. But for people who will just get the coating, they would need to have a craft knife or cutter. A measuring tape and ruler is also needed. You would also need a card to remove the bubbles for later, after the tint is applied. Water with soap is also needed to lessen the electrical charge between the window and the film. A sprayer is also needed to apply the water on the window.

How to apply

The first thing that the people should do is to measure the surface of the window, making sure that they only get the measurement of the glass without the frame or any of its parts. There must be 1/8th of an inch left from the edge of the glass. This will make room for the removal of the bubbles later after the film has been installed. Measure and cut the film carefully. Place an adhesive on the front part and the back part of the film this will make the peeling easier. Before removing the adhesive part of the film check if the film fits the window pane with the allowance. If it fits, then you can slowly remove the back peeling and while you do this, spray the water solution on the window and the film to remove the static between the two. The wetter the window and the film are the better. Place the film and remove the bubbles by scraping a card or a scraper from the center of the film to the sides.