How You Can Make Your Employees Aware Of Health And Safety At Work?

Health and safety compliance, is not only something that is to be shown to the officials and authorities who come to check how well the regulations are followed. But to also protect the employees from accidents that may even result in the loss of their lives!

Awareness programs

You can conduct awareness programs for the employees to teach them about the health and safety at work. There need to be specific rules for each and every employee. For instance, all employees must be required to wear face helmets while working with specific machines. And those who don’t follow the rules should be punished. They can either be given fines to pay or they can be transferred to another department with longer work hours for a few days. It is very important that you make each and every employee aware of the safety rules in the workplace that they should adhere to under all circumstances.


You can also get professionals such as OHS consultants Brisbane to analyze the health and safety requirements that need to be upheld. You can get these professionals to also conduct an ergonomic study of the employees to measure their level of efficiency whilst working in the recommended conditions. And they will also provide you with suggestions to improve work conditions in order to improve their work efficiency and hence increase output levels. Always keep in mind that you should hire professionals who are well known in the business and are licensed to do such a job!

harts and displays

You can have charts and displays showing employees of all the rules that they need to follow. You can even put up charts and displays with step by step pictures to show the employees how they should be wearing each PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). When employees are educated on how they should protect themselves they will tend to follow the rules. You can also have images of the accidents that have taken place due to employee negligence. It will serve as reminder to ensure that they follow all the rules carefully in order to avoid such a situation themselves. And as told by one of the best WHS consultants firm, you need to tell the employees how to follow the rules in their language. You shouldn’t use high tech words or use English to teach them the rules if they don’t understand it!

Word of mouth

Word of mouth of the rules and regulations that need to be followed is one of the most effective ways to get employees to follow them. Other employees can be appointed ad group leaders to check if everyone in their team is following all the rules. This will help you keep individual lookout on each and every employee even if you are operating a factory with over a thousand employees!